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Donor Diaries


Donor Diaries shares unfiltered stories of kidney donation through the voices of living donors and straight talk from transplant experts who are committed to bringing the conversation of living organ donation to the forefront of society, so patients no longer have to die or suffer while waiting for a transplant.

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Laurie Lee

Non-directed Kidney Donor | Advocate

Headshot of Laurie Lee - Donor DiariesMeet Laurie Lee, the host of Donor Diaries.  Laurie is a non-directed kidney donor, and living donor advocate with NKDO’s Donor Connect program, as well as an NKDO Board member.  Laurie has been active in the transplant community since 2011 when her father received a lifesaving liver transplant from a deceased donor.  Laurie is the facilitator of the Kidney Champion Program at Northwestern Medicine, which is a program that teaches strategies for patients to find a living kidney donor.  She is also the producer of CrowdSource for Life, a documentary about the human experience of giving told through stories of non-directed kidney donors (release in 2023).  You can email Laurie at

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