Make a life-changing gift!

we can end the
kidney crisis.

Imagine a world where no one loses their life while waiting for a kidney transplant.

With your support, we can make that world a reality by:

  • Pairing thousands of people considering donating a kidney with trained kidney donor mentors who can guide them through the process.
  • Educating tens of thousands of people about the life-changing experience of living kidney donation.
  • Championing new policies that remove financial and logistical obstacles for living kidney donors.

Trish Gave a Gift... and Received One in Return

Trish donated a kidney to her best friend in 2016. “Not only did I save Kimberly’s life, but she also blessed me with a life-altering gift. Thanks to her, my lifestyle has taken a healthier turn, and I’ve become a passionate advocate for organ donation, especially within multicultural communities.”