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Although Living Kidney Donation is the quickest way to reduce the number of people on the waitlist, NKDO encourages everyone to join their local Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) and register as an organ donor. NKDO has partnered with the following OPO’s listed below. Please visit their website for more information.

Living donation

Living donation is the way the medical profession refers to donating an organ to someone in need while the donor is living. Living donors may donate a kidney, a part of the liver and in some rare cases, a portion of the pancreas, intestine and a lung.

What is the process like for living donation?

To be considered as a living donor, an individual needs to reach out to a local transplant center. The transplant center will need to conduct a psychosocial and medical evaluation. The evaluation process will help the donor understand all aspects of living donation. These tests are important to protect the donor and ensure the success of the transplant.

Living kidney donation

The National Kidney Donation Organization (NKDO) is an organization of Living Donors who help mentor those looking to donate a kidney as well as helping those who are in need of a kidney transplant. NKDO provides education and information to prospective living kidney donors. If you are considering kidney, we’re here to help answer any questions you may have, more info HERE