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Project Donor

NKDO is a proud supporter of Project Donor, a nonprofit organization that helps organ donor candidates achieve transplant eligibility with free weight loss, smoking cessation, and emotional support resources. Founded in 2021 by Freakonomics author Steven Levitt, Project Donor works with top tier providers and offers one-on-one case management free of charge. To learn more and join the program, visit

"Going into the process of my kidney donation journey , I wanted my overall health to be top priority. That meant getting my weight/BMI down a bit and improving my eating habits. Project Donor motivated me and gave me the tools to do that. Their team was wonderful to work with and very supportive."

"My experience with Project Donor has been fantastic! My contact person has been a huge help to me and is always available to answer my questions and/or concerns. She stays in touch with me bi-weekly to ask how things are going …. if I am meeting my goals, and she follows up with me regarding the nutritional program (OnPoint), that I chose to work with to help me understand my nutritional needs. Project Donor has honestly been a great source of information for me as a potential organ donor."

To learn more, please visit