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Thank you for supporting our mission at National Kidney Donation Organization. Unlike other organizations with substantial overhead expenses, NKDO is a relatively small nonprofit, and your contribution goes directly toward continued education and advocacy regarding living kidney donation. We achieve this via various channels including social media and web presence, mainstream media, industry expert videos with transplant leaders, and educational conferences.

We at NKDO, along with the 37 million Americans affected by kidney disease, are grateful for your support. On any given day, there are some 100,000 people in this country who are on the waitlist for a kidney, and they often face a wait of 7-10 years for a deceased donor kidney. By the time these patients finally receive the “call” that an organ has become available, many are either too sick to undergo the surgery, or worse, have already passed away.

A kidney transplant is the treatment of choice for a person in kidney failure, as dialysis is exhausting, fraught with complications, and very intrusive on daily life. A kidney from a living donor lasts twice as long as that from a deceased donor, and finding a living donor shortens the time spent on the waitlist. We seek to educate about the safety of living kidney donation, to advocate about the protections available to donors, and to empower those in renal failure with effective strategies of getting their message out to the world.

Your generosity gives us the power to help improve the process of kidney transplantation.

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